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The Leading Pediatrician Brand for
Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

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Triple Action for
Healthy Teeth and Gum

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Probiotic Solution for
Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis

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Synbiotic Solution for Infectious Diarrhea in Young Children

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First Probiotic Chewing Gum 
for Fresh Breath

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Probiotic Solution
for Allergic Rhinitis

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About us

Our Company

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Leaders in Medical Probiotics

Bluestone Pharma® is a Swiss based company.
We offer turnkey solutions for the most innovative oral probiotic concepts in the market.

Our Mission

Being an innovative solution provider for innovative products for partners, distributors andmarketeers all over Europe, Middle East and CIS territories. Bluestone Pharma® established a range of finished products containing the world’s first oral probiotic strains.

Our flagship product Bactoblis® is a clinically tested finished product containing the unique oral probiotic strain Streptococcus salivarius K12, the strain is patented and is part of various application patents. read more under the product

Through secured supply chains on the active compound level as well as on the finished dose form, Bluestone Pharma® secures partners, distributors and marketeers product investments.

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Our Vision – Our Focus

Leadership in medical probiotics delivering scientifically proven health benefits
through unique probiotic strains in health indications with an unmet need. 

our focus: dietary supplements - medical device - cosmetics

Finished Formulations

Bluestone Pharma offers turn-key and private label options for customers looking for speed to market solutions.

Whether launching a new product outside the current focus or adding a line extension to the existing one our team of experts will identify the appropriate solution.

Private Label / Co-Branding

Our products come with strong branding strategies but private label opportunities are available as well.

Our complete customer service and support reduces the time to market and optimizes your success.

Product Training

We at Bluestone Pharma, support you in training sales staff ensuring a detailed knowledge of our innovative turnkey solutions.