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A Probiotic Solution for Allergic Rhinitis

target group children and adultsfor children and adults

How it works

Targeting the most common allergic disease in both children and adults, Rhinozyn® is a unique, clinically tested combination of patented probiotic strains selected for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and for restoring the allergic immune system. 

It reduces both eye and nasal symptoms in perennial rhinitis, improving quality of life particularly during allergy season. 

A pharmacy exclusive, it is a natural and effective alternative or addition to pharmacotherapy or antihistamines. 

Fortified with vitamin D, it further boosts the normal function of the immune system and inflammatory response.


5 randomized clinical trials with a total of 525 treated subjects reported significant reduction of clinical symptoms of perennial rhinitis, and improved quality of life for those suffering from seasonal rhinitis. 

Rhinozyn® stimulates the Th1 immune response and reduces IgE synthesis, while vitamin D modulates the immune response and is associated with reduced aeroallergen sensitization and allergic rhinitis. 

It scored the highest clinical efficacy amongst probiotic treatments for allergic rhinitis.

How to use

Simply once a day, as a standalone or in addition to other pharmacotherapy.

Rhinozyn® is a registered trademark of Bluestone Pharma GmbH