First Probiotic Chewing Gum 
for Fresh Breath

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What is Halitosis?

  • halitosis is the medical term for bad breath
  • 70% of people are concerned about their breath
  • 30% of the population suffers from socially unacceptable halitosis
  • 85% of halitosis is caused by the overgrowth of the tongue by bacteria producing sulfur compounds (oral gas)


  • Freshblis® is the first probiotic chewing gum containing a patented and clinically tested probiotic strain
  • Freshblis® colonizes the tongue and neutralizes bad breath bacteria
  • Freshblis® provides oral probiotic bacteria missing in people with halitosis


  • Freshblis® is a natural treatment containing no chemical antimicrobials
  • Freshblis® once a day provides sustainable fresh breath for 24h
  • Freshblis® improves halitosis within 1 week of application

Key Marketing Aspects

  • world’s first probiotic chewing gum for halitosis
  • patented & clinically tested
  • cosmetic application and claim „clinically tested oral probiotic provides fresh breath“
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Freshblis® is a registered trademark by Bluestone Pharma GmbH and is exclusively marketed by Bluestone Pharma GmbH