The Leading Pediatrician Brand for
Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Bactoblis NIAward winner icon "Best product of the year 2015"
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Key Marketing Aspects

  • containing the world‘s first oral probiotic strain patented for treating upper respiratory conditions
  • reducing upper respiratory tract infections in children and adults by 90%
  • proprietary finished product formulas
  • lozenges with exceptional acceptance in children
  • powder formula with optimized muco-adhesive properties
  • with vitamin D contributing to the normal function of the immune system in children
  • 40 scientific publications
  • clinically tested in children and adults
  • pharmacy exclusive


  • contains the most protective natural human oral probiotic species
  • effectively colonizes the oral cavity and the oro- and nasopharynx and protects the mucosa from infections with pathogens causing URT infections
  • produces antimicrobial substances inhibiting the key pathogens causing ear and throat infections (e.g., Streptococcus pyogenes and pneumoniae)
  • reduces the incidence of acute otitis media, pharyngitis and tonsilitis
  • reduces the incidence of common viral infections
  • improves the symptoms of secretory otitis media
  • reduces the use of antibiotics and antipyretics
When to use
  • recurrent ear and throat infections
  • supplementing protective microflora after antibiotic use
  • prophylaxis of upper respiratory tract (URT) infections in children:
    • attending day care or school
    • during winter season
How to use
  • lozenges
    • for children (3+ years and adults)
    • once a day
    • to dissolve slowly in the mouth after tooth brushing
  • powder
    • for children below 3 years
    • once a day
    • apply directly or using a pacifier


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Bactoblis® is a registered trademark of Pharmextracta S. P. A. and exclusively licensed by Bluestone Pharma GmbH