Artwork Requirements

Here you find our actual requirements for all artworks.

For die line templates requests, any further help or assistance please contact our Artwork & Design department –


General Considerations

  • All the text in the artwork have to be converted to outlines
  • Embed all images or elements with a recommended resolution 300ppi, in CMYK color model. Transparencies should be rasterized
  • Artworks have to fit the newest versions of die lines, you find all actual die line versions for download in this page
  • Files need to be with .pdf extension
  • Bleed limit: it is recommended that there is a 2 mm space for cutting. Fonts and other elements should be at least 2 mm far from the cutting/folding edges

To optimize the artwork use as few colors as possible. All this is important in order to achieve printing process optimization and avoid unnecessary price raises.

Offset Printing – Tuckboxes and Leaflets

  • Color models: CMYK, Pantone Solid Coated – plus/or combination of these two-color models are recommended. In most cases, CMYK color model should be enough, but if additional Pantone colors are needed it is recommended not to use more than 2 additional colors if there is CMYK already.

* for the leaflet, general recommendation is to use one color only or to be with fewer colors comparing to tuckbox. This is for the reason leaflets are made on thin paper with no coating so using to many colors will not be visually effective but may raise the material price. * additional pantone colors can be used, though it may cause the additional cost for the final product

  • Tuckbox coating options:
    1) Standard coating (regular)
    2) Standard coating (glossy)
    3) Lamination (matte or glossy)
    4) Separate UV lac on matte lamination or regular coating

*special coatings options as – standard glossy coating, lamination and separate UV lac may cause the increase in price of the final product

Flexo Printing – Blister Foil

  • Color models: Pantone Solid Coated
    (1 color recommended, 2 colors maximum)
  • It is suggested to layout the backfoil artworks as a continuous pattern, due to technical conditions it is not guaranteed the die lines will cut the exact position marked in the template. This is an example:

    Sample of a backfoil die line

*additional pantone colors can be used, though it may cause the additional cost for the final product

Flexo Printing – Sachet Foil

  • Color models: Pantone Solid Coated + colors (it is recommended to use less than 5 colors). Very rarely CMYK color model can be used for sachets foil, please contact us for an individual agreement.

*additional pantone colors can be used, though it may cause the additional cost for the final product


Reference: The specification listed above is included in printing price that is already specified. The price of packaging material does not include “blin druck”, “silver druck”, “golden druck” and other printing options that are not specified by this document. If any amendements / changes are required by the customer BSP will indicate a possible price increase prior to artwork approval.