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Protecting from ear &
throat infections

Key marketing aspects

  • targeting the most common infections in children
  • less ear and throat infections
  • less antibiotics
  • clinically tested in children and adults
  • world‘s first patented oral probiotic for activity
  • against Streptococcal infections,
    BLIS® K12 (EP 1169340)
  • high acceptance in children
  • pharmacy exclusive


  • contains the most significant human oral probiotic species1
  • effectively colonizes the oro- and nasopharynx2 
  • produces 2 types of lantibiotics that inhibit ear- and throat pathogens
    (e.g., Streptococcus pyogenes and pneumoniae)3
  • reduces the incidence of acute otitis media,
    pharyngitis & tonsilitis4, 5, 6
  • reduces the symtoms of secretory otitis media7
  • reduces the use of antibiotics6

How to use

  • for children (3+ years) and adults
  • once a day
  • during the winter season
  • after antibiotic treatment
  • when experiencing recurrent ear- and
    throat infections


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BLIS® is registered trademark of BLIS Technologies Ltd.